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Laser engraving cutting machine ( 690/9012/90135 type )

Equipment characteristics:

The DSP high speed independent of operation control system of Taiwan's original import side guide

The blade platform, the channel type feed the red positioning, water protection

Applications: widely used in the advertising industry, bamboo handicraft industry, wood packaging industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, model making industry. Apply acrylic, organic board, double color boards, wood, bamboo products, paper, glass, stone and other non-metallic materials and a variety of text, graphics, images, and other trademarks of the fine cutting and carving, hollowing.

Technical parameters:

Working area: 600x900/900x1200/900x1350mm

Laser power: 60w/80w/100w/120w

Cutting speed: 1-24000mm/min

Engraving speed: 1-50000mm/min

Positioning accuracy: <± 0.01mm

Support software: CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, all kinds of clothing CAD software

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